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Success Story - Max

To all:

I just wanted to let everyone know that Max is doing very well in his new home. He enjoys wandering around the first floor of our house (the stairs to the 2nd floor seem to intimidate him) and following his new big brother, Zack (our 10-yr-old black Lab mix). I took him on frequent short walks the first day to get him used to our street and the idea of "going out". By Monday afternoon, he already knew which driveway to turn into, so I guess he knows this is his home! :)

Max likes his crate, which we have in a nice quiet room that we don't use a lot. He sleeps in there at night, and we keep the door open all day so he can wander in there when he chooses to. He quickly learned where his food and water were, and seems to know that Zack's bowls are off-limits. Zack backed him off a few times the first day or so when Max got too close behind him, and Max would just retreat. But as the days go by, I notice that Zack allows Max to approach him more readily, and seems to be accepting him as part of our household. We are very happy and proud of both of them for getting along!

Attached are a couple of photos. Max told me that he misses everyone at WMASS...except maybe Cooper! ;) Thank you all for the wonderful care you gave Max while he was at the shelter. You would be very proud of him to see how well he is settling into his new environment.

Thanks to all of you, he has come a very long way, and continues to make great progress every day. More updates and photos to follow!

Regards to all... Judi F

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